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Not resolved

I hired this company(Steve from Steves Lawn Service-phone number-215-288-5899) to put in new sod for our front yard of our house.The reason for this is our lawn wasnt really as beautiful as it could be.

So he ripped up our grass and put the new sod on. When the new grass started to grow, it began showing many patches of what looked like hay or dead grass. I kept the grass well hydrated by using the sprinkler he gave us 2x times a day 1 hour each time as he instructed. This did not help the situation.

It got worse and worse. He came back only once to patch up the front to make it look better, but it looks WORSE. He almost never answered his phone, and the couple times he did, he told me he would come back to reseed everything, but he never did. This is the worst looking lawn and sod i have ever seen.

I took pictures of the lawn just in case i have to sue him in small claims(which i dont want to have to do).At this point, i just want my $500 back i paid him for putting in the sod.

Review about: Sod.

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